Selected Curatorial Projects

2018 bema | kraka neka (in development)
with puralia meenamatta Jim Everett (TAS) & Bill Balaskas (Greece / UK)
A major public sculpture articulating contemporaneity between Aboriginal and Greek (Western) philosophy and democracy.

mapali local international | Aboriginal & Muslim Contemporaneity (in development)
A suite of four major public art projects, co-curated with Kade McDonald.
Wukun Wanambi (Yolgnu / NT), puralia meenamatta Jim Everett (plangermairreenner / TAS), Abdul-Rahman Abdullah (WA), Julie Gough (tebrikunna / TAS), Abdul Abdullah (NSW), Ishmael Marika (Yolgnu / NT), Sinsa Mansell (pakana / TAS), Kazi Sabbir (Bangladesh / TAS), Rif’at Fajrianto (Indonesia / TAS), Dean Greeno (pakana / TAS), Nadia Refaei (Syria / TAS), Francisca Moenne (Chile / Italy / TAS), Francesco Recchia (Italy / TAS), Andy Vagg (Australia / TAS), Kelly Slater (NZ / TAS), & Amin Safa (Afghanistan / TAS).

2017 Devil Devil Dance | GASP LIGHT NYE 2017
riyawina warruwa kanaplila (Devil Devil Dance) | pakana kanaplila dancers, Tasmania in collaboration with Joowarri Joonba (Devil Devil Dance) | Gooniyandi Dancers, Fitzroy Crossing, Western Australia | Independent Music and Sound Art Curated by Richie Cyngler: Peak Body, Scot Cotterell, Philomath, Soil, Zevende Klasse, Matt Warren, Nat Grant & Richie Cyngler, and DJ Smokin Mango.

PRESENT | Remedies Tasmania
Sasha Hüber (Switzerland / Haiti), Petri Saarikko (Finland) with 50 members of diverse communities in Glenorchy (Hobart), Tasmania.
A feature length art film celebrating the significance of diverse oral histories. The film was made as a durational residency project working with 50 recent Tasmanian migrants and Aboriginal people in Glenorchy. The film was screened on two occasions over an event weekend, as a free public event on the back of a supermarket wall / in partnership with LINC Libraries Tasmania and at GASP with major projections, performances and a walking journey as part of Tasmanian Writers Festival 2017.

2016 InLight | GASP LIGHT NYE 2016
Petri Saarikko (Finland) & Chris Abrahams (VIC)
Performances in phosphorescence and on the grand piano, with six emerging Tasmanian dancers. Co-curated with Brendan Walls.

Mildura Palimpsest Biennale #10 2015
International Biennale, formerly the Mildura Sculpture Triennial (est. 1961).
76 Australian, Aboriginal and International artists undertook residencies in the Mildura region over two years, resulting in a series of major site-specific projects and exhibitions in October 2015.

Projects include:

Unmapping the End of the World
Julie Gough (Tebrikunna), Daniel Crooks (Australia), Jim Everett (Plangermairreenner), Daniel Browning (Bundjalung/Kullilli), Daryl Pappin (Mutthi Mutthi), Ricky Mitchell, (Paakantji), Camilla Franzoni (Camuni/Italy), Yhonnie Scarce (Kokatha/Nukunu), Sasha Hüber (Haiti/Switzerland/Finland), Jonathan Kimberley (Australia), Mishka Henner (UK/France), Koji Ryui (Japan/Australia), Kumpei Miyata (Japan) and Lyota Yagi (Japan).
Major intercultural, durational and experimental contemporary art project between fourteen artists from many nations across Australia and around the world. A collaborative journey between three UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Willandra Lakes Region World Heritage Area, Mungo National Park, Australia; Kumano Kodo World Heritage Pilgrimage Walk, Japan; and Valcamonica Rock Art World Heritage Site, Italy. The project culminated in an installation across the Mildura Regional Gallery in 2015.

The Willandra Wisdom Walk
Stage one of the Unmapping the End of the World project. Curated and developed in collaboration with Willandra Lakes Region World Heritage Area, Mungo National Park. The project brought all of the Paakantji, Mutthi Mutthi and Ngiyampaa elders together for the first time in many years, to lead a five day walking journey across Mungo National Park.

Emerging Indigenous E-Media Mentorship Project
Ishmael Marika (Yolngu), Nancy Daylight (Gija), Desma Juli (Gija), Daryl Pappin (Mutthi Mutthi), Vincent Namatjira (Aranda/Pitjantjatjara), Eric Barney (Yankunytjatjara/Pitjantjatjara), Rony Gutierres (East Timor), and Joseph Nyabenda (Burundi). Mentor: Emile Zile (Melbourne)

Wiimbia Mayii Kulpa Larna Bush Symposium
The opening of Mildura Palimpsest Biennale #10 was staged at Mungo National Park for the first time. Performance, Discussion and Installations were led by Mungo Elders, Traditional Owners and MPB Artists: Ricky Mitchell, Daryl Pappin, Marie Mitchell, Noel Johnson, Beryl Kennedy, Roy Kennedy, Aunty Lottie, Mary-Anne Marton, Mary Pappin, Joan Slade, Dawn Smith, Joyce Smith, Maureen Taylor, Peggy Thomas, Warren Clark, Jo Gorman, Leanne Mitchell, Bruce Pascoe, Dan Rosendahl, Mandi King, Yutaka Kobayashi, Shannon Young, all Biennale artists.

MPB#10 Sympsia Series at NGV International and La Trobe Univeristy Mildura
A series of 5 symposia titled, Art is a time machine introduced an ongoing conversation about diverse conceptions of time; working between the virtual and the grounded; contemporary intercultural collaboration; and walking together as creative practice, all in the context of global contemporaneity. The Art as a time machine Symposia Series kicked off the Biennale in early April and culminated in Mildura during the Opening Long Weekend in October 2015.

Sunraysia Mallee Ethnic Communities Council Program & Partnership
Contemporary art installations by a diverse intercultural group of artists from many nations across Australia and around developing the biennale theme: Everywhere all at once…here. Multicultural food accompanied music by Congolese, Greek, Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi, Afghan, Italian, and Nepalese refugee communities. Solomon Islander musicians Willie Mae and Stephen Xlowaki, Tanzanian/Burundi musician Joseph Nyabenda, and Samoan performance. Emerging Indigenous E-Media Project: Ishmael Marika (Yolngu), Nancy Daylight (Gija, Warmun Media Lab), Desma Juli (Gija, Warmun Media Lab), Daryl Pappin (Mutthi Mutthi), Vincent Namatjira (Aranda/Pitjantjatjara), Eric Barney (Yankunytjatjara/Pitjantjatjara), Rony Guterres (East Timor), and Joseph Nyabenda (Burundi). Mentor: Emile Zile (Australia/Latvia). The Henna Project, Rosina Byrne (Australia/Italy), Masooma Haidary (Pakistan), Raihana Hashimi (Pakistan), Mah-gul Ibrahimi (Afghanistan), Jakiya (Afghanistan), Saria Jaffri (Afghanistan), Hanifa Khudarahm (Afghanistan), Tahira Khudarahm (Afghanistan), Sadia Najafi (Afghanistan); Your History is also our History, Alfredo & Isabel Aquilizan (Philippines/Australia); Invisible Visible, Rosina Byrne (Australia/Italy); Listening Project, Emile Zile.

2013 Lena Nyadbi, Dayiwul Lirlmim (Barramundi Scales)
Musée du quai Branly, Paris, France.
700 sqm rooftop installation, viewable only from the Eiffel Tower and Google Earth.
Part of the curatorial team in partnership with Australia Council for the Arts, Musée du quai Branly, Warmun Art Centre.

Gija Manambarram Jimerrawoon (Gija Senior Law People Forever)
Australian Embassy, Paris, France.
Lena Nyadbi, Rusty Peters, Shirley Purdie, Freddie Timms, Mabel Juli, Churchill Cann, Phyllis Thomas and Rammey Ramsey.

2012-13 Numerous Solo Exhibitions by Warmun Artists for various galleries in 2012/13.
Including: Lena Nyadbi, Mabel Juli, Patrick Mung Mung, Betty Carrington, Shirley Purdie, Churchill Cann, Rusty Peters.Warmun Community Collection
Facilitated the conservation of the nationally significant collection of over 200 works, by University of Melbourne Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation, following the 2011 flood. Established a new Cultural Archive Facility at Warmun Art Centre for the safe storage and research of the collection.

Gija Two-Way Learning Program
Established a new ground-breaking tertiary education partnership between Warmun Art Centre & The University of Melbourne’s Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation.

Media Lab @ WAC
Established a new program and facility fostering e-media art and collections based training for Gija artists.