Selected Solo Exhibitions & Collaborations

2015              Unmapping the End of the World

2014              FORMAL : INFORMAL (Tremezzo) The spatiality of a Swiss veggie patch

                       Worlds End Highway

2013              Tremezzo

2011              The Global Dome Unlimited


2010             Kuluntjarra World Map : The Nine Collaborations

2009            Old New World

                      Kuluntjarra World Map

                      Meenamatta Water Country Discussion

2007             Not My Garden

2006            Meenamatta Lena Narla Puellakanny : Meenamatta Water Country Discussion

2005            Travelling Water (Urlandscape : Postlandscape)

                     Urlandscape : Postlandscape (Blue Tier) Tasmania

2004            Living Water, Travelling Water

2003            Forests To Fields 1808-2003